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With his frenetic acoustic riffs, powerful melodic vocals, and killer songwriting, Dick Savage will get your feet grinning, your head singing, and leave you with earworms rolling around inside your brain wanting more.

Originally from the UK but now permanently based in Pilsen in the Czech Republic, Dick Savage cut his teeth playing a mix of genres from punk to folk to ska to indie in gigging bands throughout the ‘90s, releasing a number of 7” and CD singles and playing over 500 gigs to enthusiastic fans in the UK and Europe along the way. Going solo in the late ‘90s, he began writing for acoustic guitar and voice, quickly developing an exceptional dynamic style that proved popular with audiences and released his first full solo album in 2009 - playing, recording and producing everything himself, which he still continues to do today.

Although the gigging slowed in the 2010s, the songwriting did not, and Dick Savage is currently finishing up the latest recording sessions and has already begun to unleash an impressive collection of completely brand-new original songs on the internet, this time with the added bonus of a touch of live-looping to spice things up a little and an original music video to accompany each song, available on YouTube and beyond.

Keep an eye out for Dick Savage’s latest single on your favourite streaming service, and performing his distinctive acoustic set live at a venue near you…

It was a great performance. Dick has a very dynamic style and strong vocals.

The first part of the concert belonged to the Englishman that they call Dick Savage. Playing a few of his acoustic numbers, he got us in just the right mood. I highly recommend giving his songs a listen.



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All songs written, recorded, produced and mixed  by Dick Savage

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Arrogance is This
Sail All the Way
Nobody Told You to Never


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